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High-Value Legal Solutions

Whether an hourly rate or a contingency fee best fit your needs,

Morley Mason will deliver efficient, high-value representation.

Hourly Rates

Morley Mason’s hourly rates vary from case to case and client to client according to their specific situations, but they always reflect our background and experience. Even so, our hourly rates are generally lower than the rates that Phoenix and Los Angeles firms charge for their equity partners. And we’re always open to discuss an alternate arrangement, so feel free to ask.




Contingency Fees

Some situations, such as personal injury claims, call for us to agree to take a percentage contingent fee interest in our client’s claims — meaning we only get paid when and if our client also recovers. Contingent-fee arrangements maximize our incentives and align our financial interests more directly with our client’s own interests. Depending on the results, our contingent fee may turn out to be either more or less than if we had charged by the hour. But under this arrangement, our clients need not come out of pocket to pay for our services up front, and they will never pay anything at all for our representation if we recover nothing.




Don't Be Shy

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