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Morley Mason, PLC

Smart solutions for difficult problems

Forward Thinking

Whether it’s the convenience of digital communication, or finding a unique legal solution to a thorny problem, we are always looking to better our process to help our clients.

Problem Solvers

Most people, whether insurance companies or claimants, can be reasonable and willing to jointly find solutions, given the right motivation. Our goal is always to resolve the issues prolonging the case, to our clients’ benefit.

Customer Support

We strive to always promptly and effectively answer our clients’ questions and concerns, and to not have them wonder if we are ignoring them (or lying broken in a ditch somewhere ourselves).

Our Story

Robert Morley and Ben Mason are just a couple of Idaho boys who came to Arizona to get away from the snow. But here they’ve found a home and wonderful people to share it with. From there, they’ve expanded into California, with offices in Orange and Sacramento. They pride themselves on delivering hard work, persistence, and smart tactical thinking to achieve their clients’ objectives.